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The week draws to a close, and I more or less settled back in to the rhythm of everyday life, although as always there are little pieces that are not the 'normal' -- my husband has an audit, so is working twelve hour days, and thus most days (but not today) I am driving my daughter to school, which unbalances my expectation of the rest of the time. And today I had brunch with two friends who had taken the week off of work -- we talked a lot about my trip to Montreal, and reading/writing, and origami, and cats -- and that was new and lovely, especially as my son fell asleep such that I was able to leave him napping with my housemate and go out for an hour and not worry about his bottle or his diapers or any of those things. I have gotten used to leaving him here asleep when I go pick up my daughter from school (it is perhaps a 75m round trip) but this was the first time I had done during the day it just to go enjoy myself, and if my housemate doesn't object I suspect I will again.

Also the cleaners came, which is always a touch stressful, but excellent. When we (myself, my husband, my housemate, two cats, one child, one yet-to-be-born child) moved into this beautiful large 100+ year old house at a ridiculously low rent, I decided that I would simply admit that my desire to live in a clean house & my willingness to spend time keeping said house clean were at odds, and that the solution was to redirect money. So we do, and cleaners come once a month to do the sort of cleaning I never get around to -- washing floors and vacuuming and bathtubs and sinks -- and we live in a very cluttered but never really dirty house, and domestic tranquillity is increased, if not insured.

So now I am here, full of brunch, about to go acquire my son from his crib (where he is drumming on the bars and saying "Ah! Ah!" semi-musically), soon to go get my daughter from preschool, enjoying the clean house, and very much anticipating the weekend. We will have sushi for my daughter's 4th birthday (her choice, she is very, very fond of sushi) and I will write, I dearly hope, and read, and think, and garden -- the roses need attention -- and perhaps take some photographs, or go to the farmer's market, or make something autumnal for Sunday dinner like a stew.

I am not certain what I think of this theme for my journal; it is, to my astonishment, perhaps too much blue.


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