Oct. 29th, 2013

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After the cat, my daughter was very ill for a few days -- nothing frightening, just a terrible cold, but it is the sickest she has been in her own memory, lying on the couch with her voice gone, coughing and feverish and exhausted. Now she is better, but not entirely, and my son is sick with the same, which is harder because he is still an infant and so when he coughs and wheezes he just cries and says "mamamama" in the hopes I will fix it. Meanwhile, I am ill-tempered, as I keep planning delightful escapades for myself (today was going to be brunch with a friend) and then having to reschedule due to ill mammals, which is irritating, and I would like to go to Korean BBQ for my birthday this weekend, but not if the children are still sick since they may not sleep well and will need someone familiar here when they wake.

Or, perhaps, I am just borrowing trouble.

What I did not say when I wrote last Wednesday was that it was my birthday, because writing about the cat dying on my birthday was just -- too annoying. But it was my birthday, and when my husband got home from work we went on light rail to a new sushi restaurant and ate many lovely things, and then to the 8-story university library a few blocks away to roam for the hour before closing. We each found some books; my library shelf is now truly absurd and overflowing, although that is not really that uncommon, and I am going through them at a good clip, largely by determining rather quickly that some of them (Edith Pargeter, for example) are just unreadable. It was, in spite of losing Jinian, a good birthday.

I told my daughter we might need to buy a new oven, since the old one is broken -- although my housemate is hoping he can repair it -- and she said, thoughtfully, "And a new kitty. Can we have a black and white one that is not too shy of kids?" I am not certain if we will, yet, but it seems plausible. My feelings are more mixed than I would have expected; children are such work, and so are cats (even though not for me because my housemate does most of the cat care), and she is too young for a kitten but two cats is definitely the limit, so if we acquire another one now that means perhaps many years before a kitten. But then, there are so many older cats who have trouble finding homes... so, yes, a mix.


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